Ireland 2014 | Real Adventure

It really was an adventure of a lifetime.Real Adventure_0001Two weeks in Ireland with four kids.  Dingle, Doolin, Ballymahon and Dublin, with lots of little drives and towns and excursions (and family BBQ’s and visits to ancestral homes and even an amazing wedding!) in between.  I knew when I sat down to put this blog post together that I was going to have to narrow down the set of photos I took a LOT. Well, I tried.  And the fact that this month’s theme for the “Keepin’ it Real” blog circle is “Real Adventure” gave me the deadline I needed to get it done.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Just a few.  (Do be sure to scroll through to the end, because you’ll want to click through to the next stop in the blog circle!)Real Adventure_0005 Real Adventure_0002 Real Adventure_0004 Real Adventure_0006 Real Adventure_0007 Real Adventure_0008 Real Adventure_0009 Real Adventure_0010 Real Adventure_0011 Real Adventure_0012 Real Adventure_0013 Real Adventure_0014 Real Adventure_0015 Real Adventure_0016 Real Adventure_0017 Real Adventure_0018 Real Adventure_0019 Real Adventure_0020 Real Adventure_0021 Real Adventure_0022 Real Adventure_0023 Real Adventure_0024 Real Adventure_0025 Real Adventure_0026 Real Adventure_0027 Real Adventure_0028(This one was in fact a re-enactment of a photo we took on the Aran Islands during our last trip to Ireland in 2005.  You can see the “then and now” collage HERE, if you like). Real Adventure_0029 Real Adventure_0030 Real Adventure_0031 Real Adventure_0032 Real Adventure_0033 Real Adventure_0034 Real Adventure_0035 Real Adventure_0036 Real Adventure_0037 Real Adventure_0038 Real Adventure_0039 Real Adventure_0040 Real Adventure_0041 Real Adventure_0042 Real Adventure_0044 Real Adventure_0045Ireland2014-201 Real Adventure_0046 Real Adventure_0047 Real Adventure_0048 Real Adventure_0049 Real Adventure_0050 Real Adventure_0051 Real Adventure_0052 Real Adventure_0053 Real Adventure_0054 Real Adventure_0055 Real Adventure_0056 Real Adventure_0057Ireland2014-200Real Adventure_0059 Real Adventure_0060 Real Adventure_0061 Real Adventure_0062 Real Adventure_0063 Real Adventure_0064 Real Adventure_0065That’s real adventure, all right.  The next stop in this blog circle adventure is  Amy Schuff Photography – click over to this Sacramento, CA Child & Family Photographer’s site  and check it out! If you happen to be a Flanagan cousin and are wondering whether I’ve forgotten my promise to share many of these photos, please be assured that I have not!  You’ll be hearing from me soon about that —  the hospitality you all showed during our visit was astounding, and I honestly spent several days after the trip worrying that, although we’ll try, we’ll never be able to repay that hospitality to the extent deserved!  I hope the photos will hold you over in the meantime while you all plan your next trip to NY. 😉 And if you’re new to LYYP, visiting for the first time through the blog circle, I hope you’ll poke around for a while — maybe have a look at my portfolio slideshow, and if you’re in the market for a family lifestyle photographer in NY, Westchester or Southern Connecticut, drop me a line! And hey, thanks for looking! ~Jaye      

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