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Pirate Dreams | Westchester Family Photographer

Needles and pins, Needles and pins, Sew me a sail to catch me the wind. Sew me a sail strong as the gale, Carpenter, bring out your hammers and nails. Hammers and nails, hammers and nails, Build me a boat …

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Moments of the Month | April 2012

Yes, I know that it’s almost June.  Should I just skip the April Moments post altogether?  Of course not.  April was a great month.  One guy had a half birthday (4-and-a-half!) and one guy had a real-deal birthday (twelve!).  Easter fell …

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Nothing Better than a Family at Home | Westchester Family Photographer

Boy, oh boy, has it been busy around here.  It’s the time of year, I guess.  Soccer games and lacrosse practices and play performances and school festivals and orchestra concerts and preschool tea parties and photo sessions, all carefully balanced …

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