Photo Challenge | By the Book

HOLY MOLY!!! I  am soooooooooo excited to announce that this photo won FIRST PLACE in the “By the Book” challenge at I Heart Faces!   Yipeeeee!

Photo Challenge Winner
I love this photo of my little bookworm friend enjoying a good book.  And my favorite photo from her first session, a year ago, also involved her enjoying a good book!  I’m entering this in I Heart Faces’ weekly photo challenge.

You can see lots more entries at www.iheartfaces.com!

Photo Challenge Submission


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  1. Beautiful picture! I can almost hear her giggle!

  2. Oh this is so sweet. Love the lighting too.

  3. Precious! I love this picture! Her expression is priceless!! Not to mention adorable. 😉

  4. So sweet, what a lovely moment to capture.

  5. Melina

    Wonderful expression. Love this!

  6. What a doll! Such a sweet picture! Congratulations on being the number one winner this week at I heart faces. Awesome!


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