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Custom Framed Prints

So, I’ve been thinking about doing blog posts about the different photo products I’m offering. You’re looking at the first one in a series of sorts. Not that you haven’t seen a framed print before (and not that my product …

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And Now, For Something Completely Random

It’s not REALLY random, … if you’re in my head. You see, since my kids were born, I’ve kept track of pictures, and kept a record of our lives, in a couple of ways.  First are the now eleven volumes …

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A List | Pelham Kids’ and Family Photographer

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” ~ George Santayana   I’d like to add that fat, dimpled little baby hands are also a masterpiece in my eyes.  I mean, come ON:   He agrees.  Yum.     Add to …

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