Moments of the Month | April 2016

Just a few moments from our month of April.
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P.S.  I’m rather short on words for this month’s post, huh?  Well, maybe I’m in a rush to start celebrating the long Memorial Day Weekend.  I hope there’s fun and sunshine in yours!

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Another Saturday Morning | Bronxville Family Photographer

Let me be clear.  As a Bronxville Family Photographer, I would never wish pain on a sweet little baby.  I have to say, though, that when this soft little sister was feeling out of sorts at the beginning of our session one recent Saturday morning and mom and I determined she was working on a tooth, I did see the silver lining.  That little face she made — thrusting out that lower lip and scrunching up her face in a little frown — is captured forever.  I knew that with a little Children’s Tylenol and some extra cuddles from Mommy and a few minutes to rest, she’d be on her game giving happy smiles and cuddles in no time.  And I was right.  And now we’ve got both in their storybook album.  Along, of course, with big brother’s silly antics and lots of memories of a typical Saturday morning.  Yay!Bronxville Family Photography_0001

Bronxville Family Photography_0002

Bronxville Family Photography_0003

Bronxville Family Photography_0004

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Bronxville Family Photography_0021Bronxville Family Photography_0022 Bronxville Family Photography_0023 Bronxville Family Photography_0025 Bronxville Family Photography_0026 Bronxville Family Photography_0027 Bronxville Family Photography_0028

Another favorite of these two sweet siblings together is HERE and two other faves are HERE and HERE.

I always tell my families ahead of time that they should do their best not to stress when something appears to be going less-than-smoothly during their LYYP session.  Whether it’s a fussy newborn or a teething baby or a stubborn toddler or a super shy preschooler …. I’m never in a rush to get through my lifestyle sessions and I have yet to meet a subject that I can’t distract/cheer up/wait out.  And I love capturing the story all through the process.  Trust me — it’s all worth remembering!

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Bronxville Family Photographer

Remember this was beautiful.


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New Home | Family Lifestyle Photography in Armonk

I’d been seeing this beautiful, long-lashed family annually for a family lifestyle photography session annually since little brother was born, but they skipped a year due to a big move — having grown out of their home in Southern Westchester, they relocated farther north last year.  I was really looking forward to seeing how the kids had grown, how they’d all settled into their new home, and what this family activity of ‘walking down the path to the lake’ was all about.  I have so many pictures to share, I’d better just get right to it.   Family Lifestyle Photography_0001 Family Lifestyle Photography_0002 Family Lifestyle Photography_0003 Family Lifestyle Photography_0004 Family Lifestyle Photography_0005 Family Lifestyle Photography_0006 Family Lifestyle Photography_0007 Family Lifestyle Photography_0008 Family Lifestyle Photography_0009 Family Lifestyle Photography_0010 Family Lifestyle Photography_0011 Family Lifestyle Photography_0012 Family Lifestyle Photography_0013 Family Lifestyle Photography_0014 Family Lifestyle Photography_0015 Family Lifestyle Photography_0016 Family Lifestyle Photography_0017 Family Lifestyle Photography_0018 Family Lifestyle Photography_0019 Family Lifestyle Photography_0020 Family Lifestyle Photography_0021 Family Lifestyle Photography_0022 Family Lifestyle Photography_0023 Family Lifestyle Photography_0024 Family Lifestyle Photography_0025 Family Lifestyle Photography_0026 Family Lifestyle Photography_0027 Family Lifestyle Photography_0028 Family Lifestyle Photography_0029 Family Lifestyle Photography_0030 Family Lifestyle Photography_0031 Family Lifestyle Photography_0032 Family Lifestyle Photography_0033 Family Lifestyle Photography_0034 Family Lifestyle Photography_0037 Family Lifestyle Photography_0038 Family Lifestyle Photography_0039 Family Lifestyle Photography_0040 Family Lifestyle Photography_0041 Family Lifestyle Photography_0042 Family Lifestyle Photography_0043 Family Lifestyle Photography_0044

And then we walked back home.

I’m always thrilled to catch up with my regular families.  To hang by the sidelines and chat about the latest happenings while ‘catching them in the act’ of doing some of their favorite things together as a family.  The evening our our session was truly one of the most spectacular we’ve seen weather-wise in this cold, damp spring.  It really felt like there was a magic in the night, and as the evening unfolded and everyone relaxed I was really able to see everyone’s personalities and relationships.  (We even had a meltdown or two — all par for the course!)

Next year’s session is already on the books, and I hope we won’t be skipping any years soon. :)

(You can see their last session HERE and can click back from there to watch how the family has grown).

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Family Lifestyle Photography


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